November 2, 2017 MTA Meeting

The East Harlem Chamber of Commerce hosting a meeting updating the community on the MTA Subway Construction.


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Businesses and CB 11 Work on 116th Street BID

The East Harlem Chamber of Commerce has held several meetings with property owners, business owners, and Community Board # 11 on the issue of creating A Business Improvement District or BID along East 116th Street. The Chamber will provide updates on this issue as they occur. Read Story

May 2014 Quarterly Meeting

imageMay 21, 2014 - The East Harlem Chamber of Commerce held its May 2014 Quarterly meeting, which includes speakers from the 25th Precinct, Community Board 11, The East Harlem Community Alliance, and the New York City Department of Small Business. Topics included Pedestrian and Car Safety, an East Harlem Business Improvement District, new Paid Sick Leave Laws, Business Disaster Insurance and Flavored Tobacco. Read Story

My Love of Pumpkin!

image East Harlem - November 27, 2013 - Anyone who has ever walked into my bakery quickly figures out that I have a special place in my heart for pumpkin. The Best Pumpkin Cake in the World is our signature dessert. It sits at the top of our menu and it comes in many forms: a cupcake, a coffee cake, it can be gluten free or sugar free

It is that time of year, where everywhere you turn a pumpkin is being picked, carved, etched, painted, roasted or merely being used as a decorative piece. For most children – and some adults -- the month of October and much of November means Halloween candy, Halloween costumes and more Halloween candy. Pumpkin pies, pumpkin cake and anything pumpkin. Thankfully, at Aromas, we celebrate Read Story

Rise and Grind

imageEast Harlem June 24, 2013 - For the last six months the East Harlem Community has been treated to the Rise and Grind Cafe. The Cafe, a brainchild of business owner Dani Rylan on January 2, 2013. It is a small cafe with large ambitions.

Designed by Ms. Rylan it is well laid out. There is even a board on which to write. Each day a Daily Word is posted on their website. Customers who mention the word are given a discount. And there are always discounts on holidays throughout the year. Read Story

Aromas Boutique Bakery & Cafe Opens

imageEast Harlem's newest Bakery opened this month on Second Avenue. Aromas Boutique Bakery and Cafe is open for business at 2248 First Avenue, which is between East 115-116 Streets. Their motto is "Leave The Baking To Us this Year". Besides Baked goods, Aromas is available for your to get some breakfast and lunch. Check out their website for a full listing of their menu items, better yet visit them and taste their delicious cakes, pies, cookies and sandwiches. Read Story
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